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Kim Chandler McDonald

It is difficult to put my 'occupation' into a box as it encompasses many factors and genres. I am an author, with a book project (!nnovation: How World-Class Innovators Rock Their Roles) coming out in October 2013. The project will include a book in print and an eBook, but it will also be something of an industry-first as it includes an enhanced eBook/online ecosystem, app and intelligent, interactive bookmark.

A lot of the tech supporting the enhanced formats comes from the other innovation taking my attention. FlatWorld technology was developed by KimmiC, the company I co-founded.

FlatWorld is something of a 'sandbox' where people, processes, applications and information can 'play well together' in a vendor neutral, simple, secure, scalable and inexpensive way - thus enabling data collaboration and cooperation. This commitment to enabling cooperation and collaboration is one of the main factors in my reaching out to this group and supporting its mission.

We called the technology FlatWorld because that was one of the main reasons for its creation - to flatten the playing field so that pretty much anyone who wanted to thrive in the Global Digital Economy could do so. FlatWorld empowers people, businesses and organisations with Tier One technology at 'Tier None' price and capability levels.



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