Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a partner or sponsor of Talent for Humanity?
Send a letter of inquiry to:

How can I join one of the Talent for Humanity Circles?
Motivation, imagination and passion are the most important requirements to be part of a circle. Please send your Bio to the following email address:

What is the Community Circle?
The Community Circle is a place where you can introduce yourself, submit your comments in support of our mission and connect with similar minded people. Your email address will not be visible unless you select the option at sign-in. There is no obligation to be an active member to join this circle.

How can I work for Talent for Humanity?
Talent for Humanity is not currently hiring. If a job opening becomes available, we will post this information on our site and in our newsletter.

How can I volunteer?
You need to become a member of Talent for Humanity and then send us a short letter of interest with your resume to the following address:

I am an experience organizer of in the organization of Events, Exhibitions and Conferences, how can I help?
Talent for Humanity welcomes any volunteers who have an expertise in the above fields. Please send your resume and cover letter to:

How can I be an intern for Talent for Humanity?
Talent for Humanity is not currently recruiting interns. We will post any openings on our site and in our newsletter.

Do I need to be an Active Member to make a donation?
No, you can make a donation without becoming an Active Member.

What is an Active Member?
By becoming an Active Member you support all our activities and have the option to use your “Talent for Humanity” by helping out with events located in your city without the obligation to do so.  An Active Member is valid for one year from the date of joining.

What is the Human Spirit Award given for?
The award is not a competition. Its purpose is to recognize individuals whose inspiring commitments have had an impact on and continue to serve humanity through their images, words or endeavors.

If I sponsor a writer and/or a talent, will they be from my country?
We will use our best efforts for you to sponsor a writer and/or a talent from your country.

What happens to the money if a project is not released?
If a project you supported is not released then the monies collected will be used to support another one of the projects. You will receive the same value amount as the original project you supported.

Where can I find detailed information on Talent for Humanity partners and projects?
Check the following pages for information on our Partners and Projects.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?
PayPal will email you a receipt for your donation. If you require further verification of your donation for over $/€50, please email us your contact information, the date, method of payment and amount of your donation.

My donation was processed multiple times?
Please email us your name with details of the amount, date and time of the donations and the transaction id numbers. Please do not send credit card details by email.

What percentage of the money collected is spent on administration?
A maximum of fifteen percent (15%) of the funds we raise are spent on administration. The exact percentage may be found in our Annual Report.

Where can I find financial information on Talent for Humanity?
We realize that information about finances and how money is managed is important when deciding whether to support a non-profit organization like Talent for Humanity. Our financial statements may be found on our site in our Annual Report. A summary report will be sent each spring to our members and donors. Our first annual report will be published May 2013 for the year ending December 31, 2012.

How can I contact a particular member from one of the circles?
If you desire to contact a member of one of the circles by using the on-line form on our Contact Us page. Please make clear the specific information you need or the reason for your inquiry.