Your Letter to Humanity

If the power to make this world a better place were in your hands, what would you wish for? And what would you do to bring your vision into reality?
Could you join those of us willing to look for the ideas that will set humanity on a new course, the fresh insights that will satisfy all our desires for justice and peace?
How would you put into words your wishes for the world and your aspiration to do something to bring change and make use of the talent that we all have in our hearts?
Write whatever you like to the rest of your human family. And imagine “a million new friends” just waiting now to hear from you. If you like, share your deepest hopes and yearnings. Feel free to reveal your insights—and don’t forget some thoughts about what you are going to do.
There are a few guidelines; the project is open to everyone, positive thinkers, visionaries, creative dreamers, change and peace makers of all ages are welcome, your letter must be a maximum of 1000 words, all submissions will be confirmed by our moderators, your text cannot contain words or phrases encouraging racism or hatred.  If you are ready click here.