Our Charter

The Talent for Humanity Charter has been created to guide all Talent for Humanity activities.


The power of vision is humanity’s gift to the world.

Every human being and every community is born with this boundless gift. Like a seed, the human spirit needs nurturing, empowering, and celebrating to ensure the sustainability of humanity. Every human being has the right to find his or her unique gift and the responsibility to share it with the world. Every community forms a multi-generational garden where those gifts are cultivated and harvested for the common good.

Talent for Humanity recognizes that positive values are central to the power of vision.  Love, compassion, generosity, respect, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of harmony, all bring happiness to both self and others.

We know that we cannot do without these universal human values that bring us closer to one another and that demonstrate a concern for the well-being of others.  These values help us connect our shared human present with both our past – our human origin - as well as our future – our human destiny. 

Our troubles today are due to a neglect of our inner dimension as well as neglect of the values at the heart of the human spirit. We need to know and explore our own selves to cultivate peace of mind and eventually transform our attitudes so that we act with wisdom for the greater benefit of all humanity.

Talent for Humanity Charter

Talent for Humanity encourages and takes an active role in the global changes that bring hope and harmony to present and future generations through:

I - Our Perceptions (How we See the World)

II - Our Activities (What we Do)

III - Our Internal Processes (How we Work)

IV - Our Business Principles (How we do Business)


I - Our Perceptions (How we See the World)

1) viewing the planet Earth as a living, global entity in which all life is of paramount value and for which human beings have a unique and profound responsibility;

2) celebrating the diversity of all peoples, especially those participating in Talent for Humanity events and projects, while remaining unaffiliated to any one ideological, political or religious organization;

3) valuing cultural and social differences because growth evolves through respecting the different qualities of change, and understanding that what may be positive for some may not be so for others.

4) recognizing that helping is a very complex matter. Careful analysis of both the giver’s motivations and the recipient’s true needs is necessary;

5) focusing equally on the needs and desires of human beings of all ages, realizing that they influence one another in complex ways;

6) inspiring people to develop individual and collective empowerment through personal responsibility to improve their own lives and the lives of others;

II - Our Activities (What we Do)

7) illuminating and promoting the people whose activities and lives are examples of the positive human values that inspire vision and action, as well as awaken the human spirit in others;

8) supporting and partnering with people around the world whose commercial activities are not only focused on personal gain for themselves and their shareholders, but who are actively striving to do so sustainably;

9) supporting and promoting companies and non-profit institutions that respect people working for them, creating win-win agreements with their suppliers, customers and partners;

10) fostering an efficient, inclusive network where a wide range of NGO’s, charities and foundations can work together towards the global aim of helping and protecting people around the world;

11) counter-balancing with positive images a media preoccupied with the negative, thereby promoting a sense of realistic hopefulness as opposed to fatalistic helplessness;

12) looking further than material concerns to rectify the root causes of problems;

13) bringing awareness, through examples, to those who do not as yet realise that our global survival depends on changing our attitudes towards others and the planet we live on;

14) inspiring others, through the Talent for Humanity Vision, to work in a similar manner, to change their attitudes to life and to look further than their own personal interests and comfort;

III - Our Internal Processes (How we Work)

15) exploring our individual selves to cultivate wisdom and peace of mind so as to transform our attitudes and act sustainably;

16) manifesting the Talent for Humanity values within our own organization in the way we work among ourselves and our commercial and non-profit partners;

17) striving to ensure that all Talent for Humanity related people empower those around them through sharing their knowledge and expertise, motivating others in order to achieve difficult goals;

18) striving to welcome and respond to new ideas from both inside and outside the organization and its people;

19) maintaining open space within the organizational structure for these new ideas to grow;

20) creating human spaces where people can be themselves and use their talents to their greatest abilities;

21) achieving within the Talent for Humanity partner enterprises the highest level of respect, openness, and acceptance of one another through teamwork;

22) demonstrating a full integration of the Talent for Humanity values through the structure and operation of every Talent for Humanity enterprise, whether commercial or non-profit;

IV - Our Business Principles (How we do Business)

23) saying what we mean simply, directly, and effectively;

24) respecting economic, political and social realities of the world as it currently exists, while remaining free to discover and explore new ideas and better ways to maximize the benefits for all;

25) providing our donors to the Talent for Humanity non-profit organizations, whether individual, charitable, corporate or governmental with a full accounting of the application and uses of their donations;

26) recognizing our obligation to provide a just and reasonable return for people or organizations that invest in Talent for Humanity through solid business practices, respect for profit as well as measurable results;

27) embracing the ongoing value of creativity, flexibility, and new ways of thinking in all business endeavours, as a means of realizing more productive ways of evolving as an enterprise;

28) creating and maintaining the economic vitality of our organization and the people we work with through just and win-win arrangements, which honour our ethical responsibility to use money wisely;

29) maintaining a healthy balance between our needs and the needs of others in order to exist as a long-term and sustainable enterprise.


This charter may not be reproduced, partially or integrally, without the expressed written consent of Talent for Humanity or its licensor.