Sepideh Hatami

Im a 24 years old girl from Iran, graduated in English Major. My motto is human being for human being and that`s my goal of life. Im a writer and a poet, a journalist and a translator. In any single field that I work, I follow the charity soul of humanity and try to write and do in favor of poor and needy, people who are not in a good state (mentally and physically). I have an Idea in mind about love charity I believe that People pay money and think of charity as these payments, there are many who pay money, and there are many who do not need money or receive it by the way. They need love, and the most ever needed things are love, care and attention. We are the ones who give love, though we may have not money but everybody can give love, so everybody can take part.

I am happy I found your organization and I can be a part of it.


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


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