Luis Marin

Warm greetings from Puerto Rico. Thierry and I connected on LinkedIn and I looked into your organization. Looks like a great platform to serve humanity, help people and I'd like to be a part of it. I have always had a strong desire to work on projects that can help people through arts and entertainment. I have a few projects that I am developing and always looking to meet like minded people to connect with and hopefully work with.

I've been a filmmaker and still photographer for 20 years, and work in various industries producing still image and video content for corporations, broadcast and cable networks, advertising agencies, print and new media, and non-profits. My website is

I am originally from NY, but have been living in Puerto Rico for 4 years. My life experience here mainly revolves around freelance work and travel to/from NY and homeschooling my children, (3 boys aged 6,9,12) on this litle island.

Most of my work has been in the commercial side of things, mainly because I enjoy working as a photographer/filmmaker and love getting paid to do it, even more. I worked in independent films in my 20's and 30's and worked a lot without getting paid. Not a good thing when raising kids. Anyhow. Before my kids I produced a feature film entitled SIMPLY BEING, which was an introspective film about an ex-con who changes his approach in life and opts for a simpler way.

I worked on a few humanitarian documentaries as a cinematographer. The films were highlighting relief efforts to people in need and traveled to Kenya, Sudan, Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia. These projects changed me deeply and affected my desire to work on projects that cause change in the world.

I am in pre-production for a documentary project I will be shooting in a few months in Haiti about an American prosthetist who donates his time and resources to help amputee children by making prosthetics on-site with whatever resources are available.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Puerto Rico


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