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In life I believe that we all have a dream, we have a dream and a passion to keep and in one way or the other at times it is hard to hide it. So once you get that dream, passion and determination you can do or attain anything you want as the heart desires it, with your mind working towards making it a reality. Believing and hoping that no matter how long it will take you will always achieve it.That why i believe that my passion for arts will enable me achieve and create the change i want....Inspiring lives through theater (dance, music, acting,poetry and drawing), the mirror of society. I will go the extra mile.. am here because I don’t want to stay the person that I am now. Every time you go out of your safety box, you change. I am here because I want to change, I want to go forward, I want to risk, finding my own limits and barriers and capabilities. I want to find something about myself that I probably don’t know yet and that which i can use to serve humanity - through networking!



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