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Joel van Cranenbroeck

The Chinese character 養 Yang means give birth, to support, to bring somebody up, to nourish; and the Chinese Character 土 Tu means soil, clay, earth, and items made of earth. These two Chinese characters are symbols for expressing that "growing the clay is nourishing the potter.” In China, a potter is a gardener that makes the clay grow. The beauty of that expression lies in its symmetry. It was given to me in 2010 as a precious gift by a friend, Chinese potter and designer in JingdeZhen, when I was searching for a Chinese name for my pottery studio. The reality, however, is very different for the potters I meet around the world since many of them are close to the point of giving up because of little or no revenue. A potter rarely becomes wealthy because of his work and one of the main reasons is often the lack of promotion along with willingness on the part buyers to pay the right price for ceramics and pottery, ignoring the value of a hand made object and the cost of the whole production process. I believe that mission is designed to help also talented potters who are having difficulties sustaining themselves with their work by creating for them the right promotion. We need to help potters to make our living spaces peaceful and in harmony with our inner soul.



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