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Children's Eyes On Earth - (EN)

Photographer REZA presents "Children's Eyes on Earth" International Youth Photography Contest (June 15 to September 5, 2012)
[Video Transcript]
Hello, my name is Reza.
I'm a photographer for National Geographic Magazine and many other publications.
I have been travelling around the world for 30 years
In more than 100 countries and I have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures.
Now, It's your turn to play
The Earth needs you.
I'm sure you like the beauty of life, the beauty of nature
the fields full of flowers, the high snowy mountains
the immense and beautiful sea
and the endless desert sands
Animals in the wild and at home.
And you are right,
We have to protect the Earth,
to protect humans, forests, animals and plants
against Pollution, Smokes of factories,
Waste, and poisoning.
Prove to the world that Earth is a treasure and not a rubbish bin
So, join us and participate in international contest
Take photos of your love of nature and your fear of pollution.