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SAVING the poorest Children of the world!

Uploaded by hubertroy on Sep 20, 2011

Dominique Lapierre and wife Dominique were in India, Bengal, Calcutta to meet the thousands of poor, sick and poor receiving help from 14 humanitarian organizations created by the writer for 30 years. Funded with royalties, and donations from generous donors, many projects of care, education and development are changing the face of the social landscape of this piece of the vast continent.

This is an appointment of love and sharing for the humanitarian emergency in which this film weaves just the chronicle of a few days of travel ... Since the "City of Joy," where everything started, through rural Bengal as well as the Ganges Delta's fleet of ships clinics ply against storm tides, and to rescue and resupply its 54 outlying islands. Live or silent enthusiastic crowds we see Dominique Lapierre and his wife Dominique: indignant witnesses, committed and authentic and that comment with emotion, enthusiasm and insight the progress of humanity poor but dignified and courageous. Even if there are more than ever humanitarian emergency!

"Action pour les enfants des lépreux de Calcutta"