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Christophe Boeraeve

CHRISTOPHE BOERAEVE is an experienced corporate & tax lawyer with broad national and international experience and has an extensive practice in non-profit associations.

He founded his own law-firm in November 2002 and specialises in SME’s in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. Christophe teaches non-profit tax law at the ULB and CBC and Belgian law at the Brussels Business Institute for Higher Education and has co-written a number of books.

With Master degrees in Social Communications (Institut des Hautes Etudes en Communications Sociales, 1990), Belgian Law (FUNDP & UCL, 1996) and Tax law (Fiscale Hogeschool, 2000), Christophe also holds a Master in US Law (UIUC – Illinois, 1998) and Executive Masters in Management (Solvay Business School, 2010) and Executive Business Coaching (UCL-ICHEC-LOUVAIN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, 2013).

Christophe is a Belgian national with a UAE residency.



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