Letter to Humanity Workshops

A human adventure to re-awaken teenagers to the quest for meaning simmering within them, waiting to bubble up and transform them into change agents to dream (and act out!) a world where our human unity is honored, and our differences welcomed and celebrated. “Letters to humanity” to cradle this vision and help it travel the world!

True to its early slogan, Talent for Humanity has created this project in order to Discover, Support, and Celebrate:

Help the teenagers Discover themselves, and also help us discover some of the exceptional dreams they harbor for the world.
Support them on the path to discovering what animates them, and what they wish to contribute to the world.
Celebrate the teens, assemble to honor their vision and stimulate its manifestation into reality.

To remind the world that « without the right to dream, all other rights would die of thirst » (Eduardo Galeano), and also that « being a citizen is not just living in society, it’s changing it » (Augusto Boal). Rekindling the flame of creativity in every heart and mind in order to generate innovative alternatives to a societal model that is running out of breath.

A cornerstone of this reinvention? The quest for a new identity in a complex world, one that recognizes and celebrates our diversity whilst defining and reasserting our common humanity, and that acknowledges our capacity to be change agents in the advent of this new world. Teenagers as the lead characters of this reinvention!

Where and When?
The project’s vocation is to spread throughout the world, and to have sparked 25 cities by the year 2022. Just as every tree needs roots to grow, we decided the Workshops would take root here in Brussels. From January to June 2016, 34 teenagers coming from 2 different schools (one in Schaerbeek and the other in Woluw√©) will be brought together for an adventure spelled out in a series of creative workshops designed to encourage the expression of their dream (and actions) for harmonious coexistence. Creative workshops mixing writing, theater, visual arts, mindfulness, and all sorts of facilitation techniques centered around dream-building, self-awareness, and meeting others.

What about me?
How do you feel about this dream, and how does it resonate with your own?
As a pebble is thrown artfully onto a smooth surface to create multiple ripple effects, we would like to invite you to play a part in freeing these teenagers’ creative juices.

Maybe you’d like to offer your services to help us “friend-raise” (term coined by TFH member Betty Steinhauer)?

Maybe you think this would be a great project for your own community/city and you’d like to see how it could grow roots there, too?

We have always considered the Talent for Humanity: Stories of Creativity, Compassion and Courage book as the beginning of a chain of solidarity weaving us together for an unlimited number of heart-nurturing adventures, and so we really felt like sharing this important milestone in Talent for Humanity’s existence, and inviting you to get involved in whichever way you may wish/choose.

For more information, please contact us at

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