Talent for Humanity book release


Our world today is in a state of deep uncertainty and turmoil.

Often we feel hopeless, powerless, frustrated and afraid.

Is there really anything we can do? Can one person make a difference? Can we actually change the world—by changing ourselves?

The seven men and women in this book have done just that.

Reza (photojournalist), Sherry and Bob Jason (attorneys), Aliza Hava (singer/songwriter), Deeyah Khan (film director/music producer), Yarrow Kraner (Creative alchemist, director, photographer and builder of social media communities), and Daniele Finzi Pasca (theater director and clown) tell us in their own words how they overcame hardship and sometimes the most grueling and brutal of ordeals to take a stand against poverty, apathy, closed-mindedness, oppression and prejudice.

Our story-tellers are ordinary people, who led exceptional lives.

What their stories show is that any human being who is inspired and motivated can do incredible and creative things to help transform the lives of others.

Let them take you on a journey of compassion and creativity, from revolutionary Iran to Skid Row in Los Angeles, from a Native American reservation in Montana to Norway and Great Britain, from Palestine and Israel to the slums of Calcutta and the Sochi Olympics.

The message of their stories? That each and every one of us can make a difference, and give someone hope, courage, love and vision.

Could your story be next?

You can now order “Talent for Humanity : Stories of Creativity, Compassion and Courage to Inspire You on Your Journey” edited by Patrick Gaffney on all Amazon platforms, Barnes & Noble (USA) or your bookstore (USA). ISBN-13: 978-1626341814. For more information please click here

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