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Kara Johnstad

Singer-Songwriter and Visionary

Singer-Songwriter and Visionary

Kara Johnstad is an American singer-songwriter and visionary with a once-in-a-generation voice of unbridled passion and purity.

With more than 100 songs written, Kara Johnstad is an acclaimed artist with “… something of a female Leonard Cohen song writing sensibility with a bit of Renee Fleming mixed in, who is truly hard to categorize,” as music critique Paul Wolfle best describes her unique signature sound. "She is known to take us with her powerful voice and deep musical soulful expression by blending folk, jazz, classical, pop and new age and touches on universal themes that effect us all, such as love, relationships, life, death, sexuality and inner healing so that the hearts cry can be spoken to and released to its natural form and rediscovered for an empowering existence"  Jaijai Jackson, Creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Kara is the embodiment of a “Soul-Based-Entrepreneur”, living her life in full control of her artistic projects, co-creating and collaborating with many of today’s top artists and music industry teams. While we all await her next single releases from her soon to be published unplugged album NAKED THOUGHTS, and her forthcoming epic orchestral album MOON IN CAPRICORN, we listen to her latest album Paths X (Paths Cross) which continues to touch the lives and hearts of thousands of beloved fans around the world.

Being the founder of the Voice Your Essence™ Community, Kara's personality stretches far beyond that of a highly talented singer-songwriter. She is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerful voice in the time and age of transition. Kara is passionate about empowering others to lead creative and authentic lives, and about the role storytelling and the arts play in healing our world and building powerful communities. 

As a top voice expert she has helped thousands singer-songwriter and visionary to create a powerful and dynamic voice in RECORD TIME and experience personally the power of their true authentic voice so they too can lead a fulfilled and thriving life as an independent artist and successful heart-based entrepreneur.

Whether at the piano, writing, singing or empowering others, Kara consciously devotes her time and energy to foster A Vision of Global Mind, Global Heart “Transforming Lives Though the Power of the Human Voice.”

For more information on Kara visit www.karajohnstad.com