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Véronique Pichon

Licensing & Media Partnerships

With over 25 years of experience in licensing, rights and derivatives and distribution in Europe, Véronique Pichon is known as the queen of licensing. Veronique began her career by developing and marketing ancillary rights for TV programs and classic comic characters, among them Tintin. She collaborated in the creation of Tintin Licensing and in the opening of Tintin’s stores abroad. She joined the Sony Group in 1994 as Vice President of Sony Signatures Europe to manage the related rights from such artists as Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Madonna and the licensing program for the 1998 Soccer World Cup. Called by IMG (Mc Cormak) Veronique was contracted for a period of 18 months to put in place the licensing program for the Rugby World Cup 2007 in France. She has been involved in the development of licensing programs for many international sport and sailing events working at the same time for cartoon’s TV series.

Today, she heads her company SAGOO, where she develops brand programs for celebrities like Josephine Baker, John Wayne, The Beatles (an agent since 18 years), Sex Pistols with other lifestyle brands like Paul Frank, Emily the Strange and many more.