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Tamara Sanne-Hatch

Project Facilitator

An American living in Europe for nearly 20 years, Tamara is from the East Coast, and considers Manhattan to be her “home-city”. She began her career in banking in New York in the mid-eighties, first in recruitment, and human resources, and then “crossing the line” to the commercial side, Commodities Finance: a high-risk, short-term lending specialization..  This led her to joining Dutch Banks which were expert in these transactions, and being sent on her first assignment overseas (to newly-independent Ukraine), from where she never looked back. Her career further led her to Amsterdam, and then London, which included a busy client-travel schedule to the outer reaches of the Former Soviet Union.  After 15 high-paced and exciting years in banking and project financing, she decided it was time to take a “sabbatical’ to reconsider her life goals, her passions, and purpose. After some months exploring a variety of interests and paths, she returned to Europe, first living in Luxembourg for 3 years, before happily settling in Brussels, for + 7 years now – the one place she has lived the longest since leaving the US.

She has been in the field of soft skills and personal effectiveness training for +10 years in the BeLux region, and in 2010 co-founded Sparx Factory S.A., a training and professional coaching company, with clients ranging from the European Institutions, to Fortune 200 multinationals, financial and advisory services firms, to executives and private individuals.  It is Tamara’s passion to provide results-oriented platforms for people, of all ages, to [re]discover and harness their own unique “Sparx”, to create their own solutions, in order that they may lead more satisfying, inspired and values-centered lives.