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Betty Steinhauer

Writer / NGO Executive

Betty Steinhauer was born in England and raised in Toronto, Canada. Even as a young mother, Betty was active in the community sitting on a number of boards and lending her expertise to various public organizations.  In 1983, she founded Betty Steinhauer & Associates Ltd. a consulting firm where, for twenty-five years, she used her unique abilities to act as a catalyst, facilitator and advisor to both the private and public sectors, in forging relationships between organizations and/or individuals for mutually advantageous outcomes.

For many years, Betty travelled widely in out-of-the-way areas of the world.  As she travelled, the idea for The People Bridge Charitable Foundation was formed.  The People Bridge was registered as a Canadian charity in 1997.  The mandate of the Foundation was to facilitate important changes in the lives of ordinary people through small-scale charitable projects.  Betty has now retired the Foundation that, during its lifetime, undertook over 100 projects worldwide, mostly in conjunction with organizations already working in the target area.

Betty’s experience and expertise in business, along with the advice and assistance she receives from colleagues around the globe, give her a unique ability to spot the need and understand how it can be met.  Betty has the unusual combination of an entrepreneur’s abilities and an intrinsic understanding of people.

Betty has visited India seventeen times in the past twenty years to pursue her spiritual journey.  She has frequently been a guest of the Brahma Kumaris and the World Spiritual University to study meditation and further her own spiritual life.  Betty is currently active with the Steering Committee of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, in Reykjavik, Iceland.  This is an annual Forum that, it is felt, will become to the spiritual world what the Davos Forum is to the financial world.

Betty makes her home in Toronto, and has recently published her memoir “My Way”.